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banal = miracle

Another evening. Nothing special about it. Just like the one before it.
I’m typing something new — another ordinary text which won’t be read by anyone.
I made an error. Backspace. Once again… It’s incredible: no need to scribble. How banal….

I’m eating a rice cookie, not using hands. I failed second time — my resolution to eat more fruits, is given up. But it isn’t so bad — rice cookie doesn’t have much calories. Banal…

My coffee is still warm. I love its aroma. I probably shouldn’t drink coffee at 10 pm. I may have problems to fall asleep. Banal…

It’s dark outside — and it’s obvious — it’s late. There are riding cars on a street. Its lights are fall into my room, creating light dance. Banal…

I look at my plant, sitting next to me. Did it grow today? Silly! It doesn’t grow that fast. Did I water it today?

I overwatered it yesterday, good enough for a couple of days. Banal…

The clock is striking 10 pm. Should I make supper? It’s too late. Besides, dinner was lavish. What was it? Ah! Soup! Cabbage with crisped bread. Banal…

What did I wish?
… to write something special… something smart, something of value. This sucks. Banal….

Life is just a bunch of banal moments — noone sees miracles.


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