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short story: symphony experience

“symphony experience”

Greg was blind since his car accident, which took place 15 years ago. His hearing has become the most sensitive sense of all. Ability to experience unusually deep hearing, can bring very interesting effects. Greg realized, time after time, that his state helps him to “see” surroundings in different way than other people could see it. His way of “seeing” might be even more real.

Getting to the concert hall, for instance, wasn’t difficult for him because newly-opened social institutions (like this philharmonic hall) are able to take guests with disabilities. Also, to help things along, Greg asked his friend Mike to accompany him on this trip. 

Brahms sounded classically in the modern hall space. Greg noticed the differences between the sound of violins and cellos, between trumpets and trombones. But the most characteristic for him, was a sound which he wasn’t able to identify. At the same time, he enjoyed this sound very much. It was dynamic, emotional and truthful with an unusual rhythmic quality.

Live music — a feast for the soul, a connection with our source of being. A ladder leading the ground to heaven, material to energy.

— That was a very good concert — judged Mike, after they left the concert hall. — But I found one thing distracting — the first violin. You know, the violinist played so emotionally, that he lost himself and was tapping along with his foot! It ruined the beauty of the whole symphony…

— I guess, that sound, which I couldn’t identify, was that tapping! For me, there is no difference between beauty of one sound and other — all are the same noise. I listen to symphonies each day — when I walk on the street or turn on my coffee machine. For me, music is not only a group of sounds made by instruments — music is the sound the world makes.


2 responses

  1. saltybi11

    That must be a very challenging way to live… but I am glad that some people are willing to try to get the best out of life no matter what!

    June 23, 2011 at 3:50 am

    • yes, sometimes you can’t do more than take the reality as it is and just live your life… but sometimes it’s very challenging.

      June 25, 2011 at 8:33 am

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