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days of sleeping city /lodz/

The third day of celebrations. It’s an early afternoon and it’s raining. Houses are crying.

Someone foreign website posted a note: “Lodz, 66 years after war, still looks the same”.

Walls are black from smoke. Windows broken from grenade explosions. Streets are deserted.

A few people pass by, eyes hidden under their hoods. They look like they’re trying to hide their identity. Built especially for lodz days, a merry-go-round spins with no one on it. Unmounted horses, undriven cars.

It’s as if each inhabitant of this city lost a family member.

In a few hours the concert will begin. Someone will sing to an audience of drunk men.

I’m sure that somewhere here hides the spirit of better times. Somewhere here hides the courage of Polanski, the gentleness of Schiller, the enterprising spirit of Poznanski…

This city is sleeping. It’s potential frozen.

But I imagine, in my minds eye, a crowd flowing through Piotrkowska. I see shining windows, that stare sharply at the sunrise. I see strong foundations, smiling faces and their honest eyes which seem to say: “have a nice day”.


2 responses

  1. elma7o

    Lodz 66, after the war, is insisting to be beautiful forever

    June 30, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    • it’s strange city acctually. i live in the old gettho. many buildings are still unrenovated, so i believe this part of city looks as duriung a war. sad atmosphere — i guess that suffering is still held by the walls.

      July 4, 2011 at 1:40 pm

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