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what ‘loscraft’ website is

Recently I’m working on a new blog. loscraft is a site where I wish to present my handicraft. It’s just another way to express myself.

The most important thing for me there, are journals. Why? Because I’m addicted to hand writing. I keep my own journal always with me. I write on the ideas, thoughts, projects, stories, memories… everything what deserves to be writen and there is a lot of it! Writing helps you not only to remember but also to develop your mind. Your mind has to think carefully, with deeper focus on each word. Writing is a conversation with our own soul/mind/heart/brain (as you wish).

I hope you will find there something interesting. Even if not — don’t stop reading and writing!


One response

  1. Thamer

    Agree with you, in addition to the above, thrust, honesty and the simplicity with certain depth.
    Good luck kate

    July 16, 2011 at 9:16 am

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