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emigrant’s feelings

Since five months I’m a part of huge emigrant’s circle. Nothing to be proud of. Nothing to be angry at. I came from ugly, sad and dirty city of Lodz (Poland) to beautiful, active and clean Amsterdam. Exciting. Lately something strange happend. I realized, some part of my heart felt empty. Some part of my stomach felt empty too. Some part of my brain felt lonely.



car market in lodz


a beam of light — radosław mastalski’s exhibition

radosław mastalski — smuga światła /a beam of light/


made in lodz — factory area and a cat

today’s trip took place around the old factory area in lodz.

there were three main factories owners in 19th century in lodz. they built a kind of cities in the city. for example: mr herbst has his own palace where he lived. there were the worker’s lofts on the right side from his palace. and there were the factories, on the left side from his palace. two minutes from home to work. two minutes from work to home. everything under watchful eyes of mr herbst. (more…)

just another piece of lodz