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If you’re looking for some good, unique music, this podcast might be for you. From Magnificent Mr Tommy Zee. Enjoy. I did.

“The Timeless Transmission is a monthly mix show dedicated to timeless music.
No trend chasers here, we aspire higher than the herd.

Made with love in the city of Amsterdam, a place with a rich tradition of timeless art.

Step into a river of rare and magical sound that will never empty into the sea of sameness.

And if the water feels good, tell your friends.

Your host is Mr/Tommy Zee”

official site:
official store:
official site:

babies love music

Please develop love for music in babies. It’s so easy.

seven planets to the Sun cd

here it goes — a sample of coming up cd. i can’t wait.

i hope you enjoy it!

played by mr tommy zee