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The world where kiss is just a kiss

These are just times
I don’t recognize
Where kisses are
Only kisses.
This is the time
When I realize
I shouldn’t ask
For promises.

No sanity, no wonder.
Family books are empty.
We own the stars and death and lives.
There’s no God to stop us.

They’re showing us the stars,
People happy and satisfied.
They make an offer
not to be rejected.
The perfect life under
Everything seeing eye.

They’ll tell you about the peace
Which they don’t want
They’ll tell you about the war
That never happened.

The black box of lies is open.
Box of greed and fear
at it’s core.

And you believed.
And you desired.
The nice kiss
that’s just a kiss.

But you have to know
There’re people like me
Who are eagles.
Who have to be free.


i had a dream

in this dream i lived

then i woke up

— everything aroud me looks

exacly the same

as in my dream

besides me — sleeping

cisza / silence

był pewien naukowiec,

który chciał wynaleźć ciszę.

zbudował pokój

szczelnie odgrodzony od świata.

(w takim pokoju

nawet apokalipsa przeszłaby bez echa)

wszedł do środka,

zamknął wielkie drzwi

i rozpoczął badania.

bezruch wkoło taki,

że widać zawieszone

w przestrzeni powietrze.