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made in holland /amsterdam/haarlem/


making progress in multicultural times

In the age of multiculturalism, globalization and extreme fast communication, we should ask about danger of losing self-identity (in a private context) and ending civilizations (in a global context).

We saw the end of many civilizations: Hellenes, Romans, Aztecs, even Macedonians with Alexander the Great at the front. Despite the fact, that Macedonians were interested in different cultures, they gave a big autonomy to conquered nations, they stayed in military conflict with them. I think that Macedonians looked at The Other with curiosity but without understanding and adaptation, so without making progress.


amsterdam trip

Houses on water…Windows of these houses are not ashamed of their insides. They are wide open. A young man is taking a break from working on very important projects. Files, plans, drafts are saved on his private MacBook.